Crag’s View Wild Care Centre
Crag’s View Wild Care Centre, situated on Crag’s View farm, Port Edward, is the only official wildlife rehabilitation centre serving the lower south coast region, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).
The core function of the Centre is to attempt to rehabilitate and release as many animals and birds as possible that have sustained injuries and stress due to mainly human influence.  Patients include antelope, from the protected blue duiker to bush buck, as well as a variety of birds and small mammals indigenous to our area.
Our current and most pressing goal is to build improved and appropriate care areas for animals and birds in an attempt to simulate their natural environments.

Crags View Wild Care Centre is registered as a section 21 company not-for-gain 2001/030135/08 under the title ‘Beri’ah Wildlife Orphans Fund’. It is also a registered NPO (030-565) and NGO affiliated with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

How you can help us:   See below & visit our "Adoption" page!


Items needed on a regular basis:



Other items

Butternut - 10 kg


Bottle warmer

Carrots - 3kg

Wild Birdseed

Infra red globes –bayonet

Sweet potato – 2kg

Mielie crush

Heat pads – very needed

Apples – 4 kg

Dish washing liquid

Hot water bottles 10

Pears – 2 kg


Old blankets

Other fruit: Paw-paw, grapes

Nespray milk powder – regular * 10 packets (depending on babies in care

Baby bottles + bottles the size for kittens/puppies

Other veggies: cucumber, beetroot

Latex gloves

Old towels


Dart gun


Poles, mesh & roofing for a big raptor cage

Wendy house (three) – size 3 * 4 meters.  These are for a baby bird room, orphaned antelope/high care and a food preparation/store room.

Please join our Adoption Program on a monthly basis for as little as R10/month.

Thank you



Above: Nestling White Rump Swifts and Fledglings nearly ready for release

Above: The beautiful Purple Crested Touraca