This is a notice board of some of the animal patients currently in our care or regularly admitted requiring sponsorship.

See our "adoption plan" information & adoption form below & full list of supporters.

Some of our supporters - see list below.


Bush buck baby Blue duiker baby "TOPS specie" Grey duiker baby
Large spotted genet Scrub hare Clawless Otter
Little Bush pig Blue duiker youngster Immature Wood owl
Black Sparrow Hawk Pelegrine Falcon - protected specie African Hoepoe
Brown Hooded Kingfisher Yellow-billed Kite Immature Crowned eagle

The above animals are just a couple which can be adopted from as little as R 10 per month (exclusive R 500 per month) - Kindly email as with your choice!

"Permanent adoption plan"- adopt a animal or bird and sponsor them on a monthly basis.

How does the adoption plan works?

1. Adopt an individual member of the species at a monthly sponsorship from as little as R 10 to any amount you can afford. 

2. General support per month at an amount affordable to sponsor to assist with monthly running cost of centre.

3.  Once off sponsorship towards a species are also welcome .

4. Sole/exclusive sponsorship of a species or an individual member of a species will be for an amount of R500 or more.

Sponsorship will be shown on the list below and species not on the list will be added once sponsor advice us of his/her choice as well as details of the sponsor (e.g. Firm name, own name or anonymous). 

For example:

 Strigiformes - Owls:- sponsor exclusive for R 500/month.  Or individual members of the species which are regularly patients as the centre and occurring on the lower south coast:-  e.g. the Wood Owl (Bosuil) Strix woodfordii for R 30 to R 50 per month, Cape Eagle Owl (Kaapse Ooruil) Bubo capensis for R 30 to R 50  or Spotted Eagle Owl (Gevlekte Ooruil) Bubo africanus.

Any of our local indigenous mammal or bird species or individual members of your choice can be sponsored.   We would in return issue the sponsor with a "Certificate of Adoption", photo of recent/current mammal or bird (sponsorship specific) in our care and a quarterly newsletter.

Kindly email us at if more information is required.  Adoption form below can be completed with your adoption choice, when sponsorship will be started and once received, we will forward more information.

Note below, some of the options for adoption:

Adopter information:

Animal category and description Type of sponsorship  Details of Adopter
Blue Duiker - Bread Crumb Exclusive  Kyle and Calli Allan
Red Duiker - Reddy Exclusive  Mike and Nel Hean
Touraca: Purplecrested & Knysna Shared Dorrie Hean
Blue Duiker - Miracle & Grey Duiker - Riemie Shared Linda Lyte in memory of "Chiswi" & Nevill
All birds and mammals General The Waffle House
All duiker and bush buck orphans General Beekman Brothers Group
Blue Duikers Shared Johan & Benita Schoeman
Hadeda Share Tasmyn has adopted
Blue duikers Shared Karin Marten
All birds and mammals Shared In memory of Lesley, Trafalgar
Blue duiker "Brave Hart" Shared
All birds and mammals General Nola Kropman


Crag's View Wild Care Centre

Beri’ah Wildlife Orphans Fund t/a
E-mail:   Postal Address: PO BOX 50230, Port Edward, KZN, 4295 Craig: 0737491059
Website: Physical Address: Crag’s View Farm, Izingolweni Road, D595, Port Edward   Office: 0822078074
  Reg. no.: 2001/030135/08 - NPO 030-565  

Kindly make adoption payment to:  Beriah Wildlife Orphans Fund t/a Crag’s View Wild Care Centre
Nedbank,Current Account 1397049677, Shelly Beach Branch 187505
Depositor’s Reference: Sponsor’s Name & Surname and the animal/bird species or general

Thank you for supporting WILDLIFE!!!

Craig Hosken

Crag’s View Wild Care Centre

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  Postal Address:
  Once off Sponsorship
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  General support per month at the amount of:
  Exclusive adoption R500 per month
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