A warm welcome to our last Newsletter for 2015, which is about saying thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, Vets and volunteers, without you, Crag's View would not be able to function!

We have had a busy year with lots of admissions of orphans, as well as injured animals.  John has worked long hours to rescue some animals from the brink of death; and we, and the animals, thank him for his efforts and dedication, without which many would not have survived!

Thank you to all our loyal donors who support us on a monthly basis & enable us to continue with our efforts to help the wild life in our area.

Thank you to Debbie from the Peach Pip, Port Edward, for the unexpected donation received from a Charity Benefit Concert she arranged, we appreciate your kind gesture!

The Centre will be selling handcrafted items from the Animal Farm at MacBanana, from 15 December 2015. A big thank you to Vernon & Gloria of MacBanana, for allowing us to do fundraising at their establishment. We will be selling leather goods with our logo on and also jewellery, to raise much needed funds for the Centre.

Thank you to Dr Leon Bruggeman & Dr Sylvi Weiss of Margate Veterinary Hospital, Dr Dave Watson, Port Edward Vet & Dr Renier Delport, Port Shepstone Veterinary Hospital, for all their help & advice with the animals! Without their knowledge & compassion towards our wild life, we would not be able to save the animals we are able to! Thank you for always being willing to help us when we are in need!

Thank you to Dr Michelle Beukmann, the Mobile Vet, Glenmore, who has come on board this year and helped us unselfishly! Thank you for your afterhours help & for always answering our "SOS Whatapp" messages, we and the animals, are eternally grateful!

We are very priviledged to have such incredible Vets in our area, who are always prepared to go the extra mile for our indigenous wildlife!  THANK YOU!

Thank you to Liz Highcock for everything she does to help at the Centre! Liz has been volunteering for the past 9 years and travels from Shelly Beach to Port Edward twice a week to cut up vegetables. She is also responsible for all the administration and finances, and what many may not know, Liz is 81 years old! Her dedication, care and love for the animals is admirable!

Latest patients:

Joe, baby Water Mongoose

An infant water mongoose was brought in after miraculously surviving being dug out by an excavator, on a river embankment at a farm in the Munster area. He was brought in weighing 133 grams and his eyes were still closed. Their birth weight is usually 120 grams and their eyes open about the 12th day after birth. Joe's eyes opened on the 10th day he was at the Centre. He came in with all sorts of veterinary challenges, but with the dedicated efforts of Dr Beukmann and John, Joe survived two near death experiences! Joe stayed at the Centre for more than a month and is continuing his rehabilitation at CROW, Durban, where he will be released with a mate.

Genet Kittens - Tom & Jerry

Two genet kittens were admitted from Southbroom, after literally falling through a thatched roof.  The brothers also had a few medical challenges, but are now drinking like champions! Tom, the bigger of the two, started eating solids a week ago and Jerry started yesterday. They are nocturnal animals who are carnivorous and frolick and play from dusk to dawn.  A release site has been identified and they will enjoy their freedom as soon as they are eating a full solid diet.

Charlie - infant Grey Duiker

A frail, sickly little grey male duiker was collected from San Lameer Estate early December 2015. Charlie was diagnosed with a hernia, an abcess, an inactive rumen and a bacterial infection in his gut.    It is highly unlikely he received the colostrum (first milk) from his mother, as he did not know how to suckle.  We suspect his mother abandoned him, because of all his ailments.  He was treated immediately and had to be gently force fed, until he learnt how to drink. Miraculously, Charlie has survived despite all his early misfortunes and with Johns constant TLC, is progressing daily. Charlie is not out of danger yet, but we are extremely hopeful of his chances of survival.


On a rather sad note, we have lost two little Blue Duikers, Barritone and Breadcrumb, who were hunted from their paddocks by a Crown Eagle. They were residents who could not be released due to their injuries and were part of our educational tours. We suspect the Crown Eagle pair are nesting in the Gorge in the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve and the male is hunting to feed the female and the chick. As Crown Eagles are highly protected, we have had to restrict the movement of the other duikers and also use natural deterents to discourage his hunting at the Centre. All the infant duikers are only allowed outside under strict supervision, as they need exercise and vitamin D for development.  The Crown Eagle is a natural predator of the duikers and makes sounds to lure them out of the dense bush. We trust and pray that all of our efforts will prevent any further losses.

Best wishes for the festive season & a prosperous New Year from all of us at Crag's View Wild Care Center !